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Jennifer Eggerling-Boeck, PhD

Clear. Informative. Concise. Polished.
Word-by-Word Editing can provide quality editing for your research organization. Whether it is a research report, grant proposal, correspondence, research summary for a lay audience, or any other agency document, I will help you proofread and polish your text. My academic training in the social sciences allows me to offer high-quality substantive feedback (click here to read more about my background and experience). My writing philosophy can be summed up in four words: clear, informative, concise, and polished. Click here to read more about my writing philosophy. As part of my agency and government editing services, I will:
  • Correct spelling mistakes
  • Fix grammatical and punctuation errors
  • Rectify awkward sentences and phrases
  • Note gaps in logic or ideas
  • Find and fix inconsistencies in the document
  • Improve the flow and organization of the writing
  • Tailor the text to appeal to the intended audience
  • Create a very polished and extremely readable document
Benefits of using Word-by-Word's agency and government editing services include:
  • Having a fresh set of eyes read your work and catch any errors
  • Saving you valuable time when you are trying to juggle many projects
  • Having an editor who works closely with you in order to understand your goals
  • Creating a final document that is extremely polished and professional
  • Shaping your document in order to best appeal to your target audience
  • Having an editor who is willing to make the service fit your budget, big or small
I am dedicated to helping you meet your project deadline and I always finish projects in a timely manner. I enjoy working with people and am committed to fostering excellent relationships with my clients.

You can contact me via e-mail at jeggerling at gmail.com or via phone at 608-238-5652 or 608-658-8420.