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Jennifer Eggerling-Boeck, PhD

Clear. Informative. Concise. Polished.
Client Comments
Jennifer's work pleasantly surprised me. She was responsive and responsible. But above all, I was really happy with her comments on my papers. To my knowledge, most editors comment mainly on grammatical errors and writing styles. But Jennifer's editing gave me more than that. She pointed out logical flaws in my paper and gave some tips to make the paper more suitable for publication. Her comments were more like the kinds of comments you would expect from your own advisor!!!! I strongly recommend Jennifer as your editor. I'm sure you'll find her an excellent editor.
- H.K., a doctoral candidate at UW-Madison

Jennifer's fresh eye and sharp pencil were just what my dissertation needed at the end. She was incredibly thorough, reading it word by word and ensuring everything that needed to be there was, and anything that didn't need to be there was not. She was able to spot errors I could no longer see. And she gave thoughtful comments and suggestions.

Her attention to detail was complemented by her very conscientious commitment to time, budget, and specific requests. Before beginning the project and as she finished each chapter, she checked in with me about my time needs and kept me up to date on what I could expect and when. She never returned a chapter later than she promised. She also adjusted her level of editing to fit my needs. My confidence in the final version of my dissertation was much higher knowing a professional had edited every page. It was money very well spent! I would highly recommend Jennifer's work to improve the quality of any piece of important writing.
- K.V., a doctoral candidate at UW-Madison

The review you did this afternoon was excellent. Perfect! Exactly on target.

Excellent job. Perfect. Thank you very much.
- K.M., a Communications Editor

Thank you for your wonderful editing!

Most of all, I appreciate your fast response. As you know, I was under time pressure and needed fast work in editing. I worried a lot when I asked you for editing, because usually I have to wait several days for my editors to give their responses back to me. But I got fast feedback from you and that really helped me to go through this pressuring job market.

At the same time, you're a very scrupulous editor. I was surprised when I went through my edited paper to know that you put detailed comments to my tables and reference list! Those errors are hard to catch, even for authors of the papers. Your thorough editing is a great help for me, who was born without the ability to pay attention to details.

Finally, and most importantly, you are highly trained in the field of sociology. You knew what I wanted to say in my paper and I didn't have to explain in detail what the concepts (such as "life course") are. You can give more specialized and detailed comments in the field of sociology and related social sciences. I think that is a huge plus. I can rely on your comments/editing when I submit/present my papers in front of other sociologists.
- J.H., a doctoral candidate at UW-Madison