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Jennifer Eggerling-Boeck, PhD

Clear. Informative. Concise. Polished.
About Me
I received my PhD in sociology from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 2004. During my academic career I wrote and edited scholarly journal articles, book chapters, theses, dissertations, class syllabi, and conference presentations. After graduate school, I began to specialize in editing and branched out to the corporate world. I currently enjoy editing both academic and corporate materials. I have experience editing newsletter articles, web copy, corporate correspondence, product catalogs, and other business documents. I have an eye for detail and a passion for clear and concise writing. I understand the pressures of the corporate world and I am flexible, working with you to meet your needs. I will work closely with you to understand your goals and fit editing services into your budget, big or small.
Nothing is more satisfying than to write a good sentence.
~ Barbara Tuchman
I have always loved words and writing. I was that kid who looked up a word in the dictionary and then read the definitions of all the words on the entire page. My mother didn't hesitate to correct my grammar when necessary and I benefited from those early lessons. During college and graduate school I found that I loved the process of writing—taking a group of rough ideas and shaping them into a clear and eloquent piece of prose that efficiently communicated my knowledge and ideas. To me, that final polished product is a thing of beauty. I learned that revision (and revision and revision) is an essential facet of the writing process—and I fell in love with my red pen! I edited my own work, and fellow students often asked me to edit their papers as well. After graduate school I decided to focus solely on editing as my career path. Since starting Word-by-Word Editing, I have enjoyed the luxury of focusing on writing and revision, and the opportunity to delve more deeply into matters of grammar and style. It is gratifying to work with clients and help them with a process that is often overwhelming. It is a pure pleasure to work with writers to improve the readability of their text and allow their ideas to shine through more clearly.