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Jennifer Eggerling-Boeck, PhD

Affordable academic editing by someone who's been there
Writing Philosophy
My writing philosophy can be summed up in four words: clear, informative, concise, and polished. I will help your writing exemplify these four characteristics and when it does it will be noticed!
  • High-quality writing is always clear. Many times academic writing is so muddled that the reader continually hesitates, or even re-reads earlier sentences or phrases, thereby making it much more difficult for the reader to focus on the point being made. In order for your research conclusions to be influential, the reader must be able to understand them without undue effort.
  • Your writing must be informative. This includes helping the reader understand the context of the research and how your new conclusions are an important and novel part of that context. Your writing must highlight the research conclusions you have worked so hard to develop.
  • Your writing must be concise. Papers that are overly bogged down with details are a major problem in academic writing. The reader is so overwhelmed by information that the main points get lost. In concise papers, the writing is pared down to the most important information and extraneous details are removed.
  • Academic writing must be polished in order to be published. If a reviewer notices errors in spelling, grammar, or punctuation, the reviewer begins to doubt the quality of the research. Similarly, poor logic or gaps in the literature review can doom your paper before a reviewer even gets to your research conclusions.
I will help you create a paper that completely realizes these four characteristics. Your research ideas and conclusions will be in the high-quality context they deserve and will be noticed by reviewers, readers, and committee members!