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Jennifer Eggerling-Boeck, PhD

Affordable academic editing by someone who's been there
Benefits of Editing
Editing is an essential part of the writing process. However, it is a part that is often overlooked. Including editing in your writing routine will allow your research ideas and conclusions to stand out and get noticed.

It is the little uncertainty that matters - the small confusion, the modifier that isn't badly lost but only slightly misplaced. At such pauses along the trail, the reader's eye flickers and wanders - back up to the subject, down again to the verb.
~James J. Kilpatrick

The benefits of using Word-By-Word Editing include:
  • Having a fresh set of eyes read your work and catch any errors
  • Saving you valuable time when you are trying to juggle many academic duties
  • Having an editor who is willing to make the service fit your budget, big or small
  • Having an editor who works closely with you in order to understand your goals
  • A critical review, which will help you get your work accepted for publication
  • Creating a final document that is extremely polished and ready for submission and/or presentation
  • Shaping your document in order to best appeal to your target audience